Author of critically acclaimed literary fiction, crime novels and short stories


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“British author has written a page-turner with meat on its bones, a psychological thriller as dark and satisfying as a pint of Guinness.” PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“A beautifully observed study of reconciliation. Mulrooney’s ability to make sense of contradictions in clear, precise prose is the most remarkable achievement of the novel” THE TIMES

“Mulrooney has a real gift for dialogue, the words and phrases ring true and make her characters wonderfully real. A tenderly funny and genuinely moving piece. I loved it.” TIME OUT

“I read this novel in two sittings. I WAS Liv. it takes skilful writing to so immerse the reader in the written word.” FICTIONPHILE.

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39 thoughts on “Home

  1. very pleased to have news of you after you left for london years ago; and all because your son is a friend of my son in law Trevor Johnston . delighted that you are a published author, I still have your first book on my shelves.i obtained one of your later books and enjoyed it so will be reading all the others.
    a little about me. Pleased to retire in 1993 because NCC had lost the plot and care management as I knew it had been abandoned. we moved to Kent 2 years ago when my eldest daughter Helen gave me my first grandchild at last! poor James was diagnosed with leukemia at the same time but is now happily in remission. Trevor and Alison’s baby is due any day now.-bliss.
    I still keep in touch with friends from the office and meet for lunch when I go back to Kettering.
    Congratulations Gretta and may you have much success with your literary career. regards


  2. Hi Gretta, I love your Tyrone Swift books. Will you be writing a 5th Swift book and more of them. I have finished the first 4 books and they are so good. I really love them. I would love more of them. By the way I live in the United States. Thank you so much for them.



    1. Hi Lori, greetings in the USA and thanks so much for getting in touch. I’m glad you like Tyrone and his investigations. I’m writing the fifth in the series now and I think he will have a few more cases before he hangs up his hat.
      Best wishes, Gretta


  3. Did he find the cats. I just have to know. I loved your writing. My first of your books. I will read them all. Xo Terry


  4. Hi Gretta, I’ve read all the Ty Swift series to date and loved them all. I’m now a real fan so I’m now desperate to read more. Do you have another in the pipeline by any chance?
    Best Wishes, Karen


    1. Hi Wendy and thanks so much for contacting me. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Swift books. Yes, I’m writing the sixth in the series now. Not sure exactly when it will be finished but hopefully later this year.


  5. Dear Gretta,
    Will there be more Tyrone Swift Books?
    I very much enjoyed reading the six books and I hope there will be more.

    Thank you so much for writing them.


  6. Hi Gretta
    I started the first Tyrone Swift book on 29 April and just finished the last one now.
    I am so looking forward to Book 7: have thoroughly enjoyed them all!
    Best regards


  7. Hi Gretta, I’m currently reading Tyrone Swift #3 and very curious as to how Emlyn Taylor became Emlyn Williams? In books #1 & #2 he was Emlyn Taylor and now in book 3 you refer to him as Emlyn Williams. Can you explain?! I’m really enjoying the books 😁


    1. Hi Elaine, thanks so much for getting in touch and I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. I’m not sure how the Taylor/Williams glitch happened. I thought it had been corrected so I’ll get back to my editor. Working on Swift #8 now.


    1. Hi Jean, thanks for getting in touch and glad you’re enjoying the books. I’m writing #8 at the moment, so it should be out later this year. In the meantime, #2 in the DI Siv Drummond series will be out soon. Best wishes, Gretta.


  8. I am pleased that I scrolled all the way down to the bottom of this page as now I realise that #8 in the Tyrone Swift series is underway; too many loose ends in his life at the end of #7, with Branna, Ruth, the appeal and so on; besides, you need to find Ty a nice lady friend he can settle down with. Loved the previous 7 books and will keep an eye out for #8. I will look at your other books when I have worked my way through the backlog on my Kindle.


      1. I’m so pleased to hear number 8 is underway, I’ve just finished 7 and need to know what happens with Faith and all the other threads to Ty’s life. The characterisation of particularly the female characters like Nora seem so real. Amazing writing , thank you.


  9. Hi Gretta, I bought the box Ty box set a couple of weeks ago and could not put them down, I have now read them all finishing number seven 10 minutes ago and have enjoyed the complete series immensely you have an exceptional way of writing I am very envious of your talent, I cannot wait for my wife to start reading them, she hates me knowing the story before her because she knows I won’t give anything away. Thanks for keeping us entertained. Paul .


  10. Hi,
    I already had the first in the Tyrone Swift series, decided to purchase the set when they were on offer, confess I binge read them, just had to read the next one and the next……
    Brilliant books, delighted to hear the 8th will be out soon.
    Thank you for keeping your readers going over the last awful year.


  11. Hi! I read all 8 tyrone swift novels, and I am looking forward to reading the next one… please, let him find back little havana. It is the saddest loose end in the whole series!


    1. Hi Donatella and thank you for the message. I’m glad you enjoy the Ty Swift books. I’m writing the next one now. I think he might well come across Havana again. All best wishes, Gretta.


  12. Are you planning more books with Tyrone Swift. The last book I read was Murder in Pembrokeshire. I really love the character of Ty Swift and can only hope that in your next book you will give him a sweet love interest that would be good for him and a good mother figure for Branna. I hate how Ruth and Marcel are rude always seem to steamroll over Ty’s parenting rights. I’ve really enjoyed this series and hope to see more of Ty Swift.


    1. Hi Phyllis and thanks for getting in touch. I’m so glad you enjoy the Tyrone Swift novels. I’m writing the next one now. He’s not lucky in love so far, is he? All best wishes, Gretta


  13. I LOVE the Tyrone Swift books. I’ve read them all (just finished #8). I truly hope you are writing more!


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