CRIME: Tyrone Swift series

Published by Joffe Books. Available on Amazon as Kindle or paperback

Tyrone Swift is a private detective, based in London. He’s ex Met and Interpol and has a complicated personal life. He tends to get the cases the police have failed to solve. 

1. The Lady Vanished

London-based private detective Tyrone Swift is engaged to find a missing woman who holds the key to a valuable inheritance. He discovers a labyrinth of family secrets, damaged people and layers of deception. Who harbours the killer inside? Swift follows the trail through intriguing twists and turns to a dramatic conclusion.

This is the first in a series of crime novels featuring Tyrone Swift.

‘Beautifully written with psychological depth. This is a high-class private detective mystery which you won’t want to put down. There’s drama, conflict, and a family with some very nasty skeletons in the closet’ – Ann Abrams

lady vanished cover (1)


2. Blood Secrets

Fifteen years ago a teenage boy, Teddy Bartlett, left a mysterious note and went to woods on the outskirts of London. In the forest twilight he was beaten and left damaged for life. The police never discovered who did it. The boy’s father hires private investigator Tyrone Swift to find out what happened to his son.

Swift quickly realises that the Bartletts are a family with dark secrets. Teddy’s apparently devoted sister, Sheila, his estranged brother and his father are not what they seem. Untangling their secrets and finally discovering the perpetrator of the appalling crime leaves Swift battered and bruised.

blood secrets draft (1)


3. Two Lovers, Six Deaths

Dominic Merrell stabs his girlfriend to death and then hangs himself, leaving a note confessing to the murder. It looks like an open and shut case. Dominic’s estranged wife Georgie doesn’t believe that he could have done it. Private investigator Tyrone Swift discovers that Dominic was a reliable, devoted husband and father for eighteen years before he met the beautiful charismatic Lisa and left his family for her. No one believes that Dominic was capable of murder. So who was responsible?

Both Dominic and Lisa harbour dark secrets from their pasts and the two lovers cause a trail of destruction. Swift’s investigation  draws uncomfortable parallels to his own troubled personal life.



4. Watching You

Someone is watching the Maddox family and sending them vicious emails. Who are they and what do they want?

Thomas Maddox hires private investigator Tyrone Swift to find out who is emailing him. The case turns into a search for a missing child and for the person who is intent on harming Thomas Maddox and his grandfather Gabriel. Swift has to work through a tangled web of secrets and pain to get to the truth.

Watching You


5. Low Lake

Kim Woodville drowned at Low Lake two years ago. Her death was declared accidental. Jack North is her grieving friend and he wants Swift to look into her death because he believes somebody might have harmed her.

Swift discovers that Kim was  a deeply troubled young woman, disliked by a number of people; her own family, the father of a girl who died in her company, an archaeologist she worked with and her ex boyfriend. In the course of discovering the startling truth about Kim, Swift nearly dies and the news he has to deliver to Jack is deeply painful.

low Lake


6. Your Last Lie

Swift is asked to investigate the murder of a pilot, Greg Roscoe. He was stabbed and his body mutilated. Swift establishes that there are a number of people who might have wished Roscoe harm. The man was involved in numerous affairs, gambling and dodgy business deals and has managed to alienate friends, students, his wife and ex-wife.

The truths that Swift uncovers bring heartache and sorrow to Roscoe’s family and cause major problems in his own life and publicity that could damage his business.



7. Her Lost Sister

Three sisters: Kelly, Faith and Orla. One drowns, one survives and one wants justice.  Kelly and Faith Dwyer are attacked on a ferry crossing the Irish sea. Faith can’t remember what happened. Tyrone Swift is called in to investigate. Between all the suspects, many of whom wanted Kelly dead, Swift must discover the truth while trying to juggle difficult relationships of his own. There are so many suspects, people who Kelly has crossed: the girl whose face she scarred, the siblings she almost killed with a botched gas installation, her ex husband’s family, the charity she almost sank . . .

Her Lost Sister

8. Murder in Pembrokeshire 

An isolated community.
No Wi-Fi, no phone signal.
No witnesses.

Detective Tyrone Swift is invited to stay with Afan Griffith, an old friend living in a small community in rural Wales. Cut off from the rest of the world, with no phone signal or Wi-Fi, something’s got Afan worried.But when Swift arrives, Afan has disappeared. The next day, Swift discovers Afan’s body on a lonely stretch of the nearby coastal path — stabbed to death with a screwdriver.

Secrets run deep beneath the surface of this idyllic spot.

And someone will kill to keep them.

Can Tyrone uncover who murdered his friend? Or will the murderer strike again?

9. Death by the Thames 

Financier Sam Goddard never made it down the aisle. Instead, his body is pulled from the Thames. Everyone says he rode his bike into the water. And he didn’t die alone . . .Riding in his sidecar, there’s an underage girl. On his phone, a text.So sorry to do this to you . . .

The police know a suicide pact when they see one, and as far as they’re concerned, it’s case closed.But Toni — Sam’s grieving fiancée — can’t believe it’s true. Desperate to uncover the truth about Sam’s death, she turns to Tyrone Swift for answers.

But is she prepared for the killer secrets he’s about to unearth?

Death by the Thames is a seamlessly crafted, twisty crime thriller that will have you gripped from start to pulsating finish.

10. The Lost Brother 

You stare hard at the man in the photo, you’re sure that’s your brother. But he’s been dead for years . . . hasn’t he?
Steve Buckley was just four years old when he was told his two-year-old little brother Zac had died. Baby Zac’s distinctive strawberry-shaped birthmark and the missing little finger on his left hand are some of Steve’s only lasting memories of him.

Now years later, Steve stumbles across a photo of a man with the exact same birthmark and missing left finger. He’s also the same age that Zac would have been — could this mysterious man possibly be his lost brother?

Detective Tyrone Swift is called to investigate. But with Steve and Zac’s mother now dead and their father long gone, there’s few clues left for Swift to go on.

All the evidence suggests Zac died as a young child, but Steve is convinced that this man is his brother.

It’s up to Swift to find the truth, no matter the cost . . .

Bound By Lies

A box set trilogy of the first three Tyrone Swift crime novels

This trilogy comprises; The Lady Vanished, Blood Secrets and Two Lovers, Six Deaths.



A box set trilogy of  Tyrone Swift crime novels 4-6

This trilogy comprises; Watching You, Low Lake, Your Last Lie

Tyrone Swift Books 4-6

These three novels now available as a trilogy:



* * * *

A box set of the Tyrone Swift novels 1-7 is now available on Amazon.
Tyrone Swift 1-7

19 thoughts on “CRIME: Tyrone Swift series

  1. Hello Gretta,
    just to say how very much I am enjoying your detective novels, although for me Araby will always be my favourite book. I reread it often.
    Thank you for the pleasure they give me.



  2. I have loved reading the Tyrone Swift series. He’s such an interesting character. I just finished the seventh book; will you continue with the series? I hope he finds the right girlfriend!


      1. Hello. 🙂 Excellent news about the embryonic Eighth Tyrone Swift! I’ve just read all 7 books and love the development of the personal strands of Ty’s life in parallel with his cases. Though I too would like him to meet a trustworthy partner who accepts him for who he is. Very very enjoyable series. Thank you.


  3. Hi gretta. I love your Tyrone Swift series and cannot wait for the next instalment. Can you advise how I join your mailing list so I will be one of the first to know about your new releases.


    1. Hi Alison, thanks so much for getting in touch and I’m so pleased that you enjoy the Ty Swift books. You might like the new series about DI Siv Drummond also. Swift 8 should be out later this year. I put info about my books on my Facebook author page, so you’ll see any news about new novels there. Send me a friend request and I’ll invite you to like the page.


  4. Hi Gretta, just read Tyrone Swift book 8, it’s was a brilliant story. Are there any more Tyrone Swift books in the pipeline. Want to see what happens.
    Thank Denzil


  5. Hi…love the Tyrone swift books. Have just finished book 9. Will there be a book 10? I need to know if he gets his inheritance and a happy relationship.


  6. Wonderful to read that there will come Book 10 with Tyrone Swift. I just read the all 9 books, and wait anxiouisly for Nr. 10..


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