These Little Lies; Joffe Books

New series featuring Detective Inspector Siv Drummond


It’s Detective Inspector Siv Drummond‘s  first day back on the job, joining a new team in a new town. This fresh start isn’t going to be easy. Still mourning the death of her husband, she must push aside her grief to focus on her first case.
Lauren Visser and Matis Rimas are found stabbed to death in the idyllic woodland by the River Bere. Their mutilated bodies lie within feet of each other. A photograph of an unknown girl sits on Lauren’s chest.
Lauren was an activist and wild swimmer. Matis was fishing illegally.


Siv and her team start ruling out suspects, but no one tells the truth when everyone has something to hide.

These Little Lies # 1 in series ; Joffe Books

These Little Lies COVER (1)



Your Last Lie; Joffe Books

A Tyrone Swift crime novel # 6 in series

Swift is asked to investigate the murder of a pilot, Greg Roscoe. He was stabbed and his body mutilated. Swift establishes that there are a number of people who might have wished Roscoe harm. The man was involved in numerous affairs, gambling and dodgy business deals and has managed to alienate friends, students, his wife and ex-wife.

The truths that Swift uncovers bring heartache and sorrow to Roscoe’s family and cause major problems in his own life and publicity that could damage his business.



Low Lake; Joffe Books

A Tyrone Swift crime novel # 5 in series

Kim Woodville drowned at Low Lake two years ago. Her death was declared accidental. Jack North is her grieving friend and he wants Swift to look into her death because he believes somebody might have harmed her.

Swift discovers that Kim was  a deeply troubled young woman, disliked by a number of people; her own family, the father of a girl who died in her company, an archaeologist she worked with and her ex boyfriend. In the course of discovering the startling truth about Kim, Swift nearly dies and the news he has to deliver to Jack is deeply painful.


low Lake



Watching You; Joffe Books

A Tyrone Swift crime novel # 4 in series

Someone is watching the Maddox family and sending them vicious emails. Who are they and what do they want?

Thomas Maddox hires private investigator Tyrone Swift to find out who is emailing him. The case turns into a search for a missing child and for the person who is intent on harming Thomas Maddox and his grandfather Gabriel. Swift has to work through a tangled web of secrets and pain to get to the truth.

Watching You



Bound By Lies; Joffe Books

A Box set trilogy of the first three Tyrone Swift crime novels

This trilogy comprises; The Lady Vanished, Blood Secrets and Two Lovers, Six Deaths.




Two Lovers, Six Deaths; Joffe Books

A Tyrone Swift crime novel # 3 in series

Dominic Merrell stabs his girlfriend to death and then hangs himself, leaving a note confessing to the murder. It looks like an open and shut case. Dominic’s estranged wife Georgie doesn’t believe that he could have done it. Private investigator Tyrone Swift discovers that Dominic was a reliable, devoted husband and father for eighteen years before he met the beautiful charismatic Lisa and left his family for her. No one believes that Dominic was capable of murder. So who was responsible?

Both Dominic and Lisa harbour dark secrets from their pasts and the two lovers cause a trail of destruction. Swift’s investigation  draws uncomfortable parallels to his own troubled personal life.




Blood Secrets; Joffe Books

A Tyrone Swift crime novel # 2 in series

Fifteen years ago a teenage boy, Teddy Bartlett, left a mysterious note and went to woods on the outskirts of London. In the forest twilight he was beaten and left damaged for life. The police never discovered who did it. The boy’s father hires private investigator Tyrone Swift to find out what happened to his son.

Swift quickly realises that the Bartletts are a family with dark secrets. Teddy’s apparently devoted sister, Sheila, his estranged brother and his father are not what they seem. Untangling their secrets and finally discovering the perpetrator of the appalling crime leaves Swift battered and bruised.

blood secrets draft (1)


The Lady Vanished; Joffe Books

A Tyrone Swift crime novel # 1 in series

London-based private detective Tyrone Swift is engaged to find a missing woman who holds the key to a valuable inheritance. He discovers a labyrinth of family secrets, damaged people and layers of deception. Who harbours the killer inside? Swift follows the trail through intriguing twists and turns to a dramatic conclusion.

This is the first in a series of crime novels featuring Tyrone Swift.

‘Beautifully written with psychological depth. This is a high-class private detective mystery which you won’t want to put down. There’s drama, conflict, and a family with some very nasty skeletons in the closet’ – Ann Abrams

lady vanished cover (1) 

Lost Child; Joffe Books

Previously published as Fire and Ice by Robert Hale

A compelling novel of love, heartbreak and family.

May has just started a new life with Nathan and his son from his first marriage. May meets a recently orphaned girl, Elva, at the children’s home where she teaches. She develops a close relationship with Elva and together with her husband, she draws the child into their loving family circle. The bereaved girl blossoms in the easy affection of the new family.

But there are clouds on the horizon: Nathan’s ex-wife is intent on disrupting the situation and complex ties of obligation and guilt threaten to destroy May’s job, marriage and everyone she loves.

This is a gripping, sometimes harrowing novel of a family fighting for survival.

lost child (1)



Out of the Blue; Joffe Books

A gripping novel of love lost and found.

When Liv Callaghan inherits her grandmother’s cottage in Ireland, it offers escape from London and her marriage to her alcoholic husband, Douglas. She travels back to the place where she spent happy childhood holidays and enjoys the challenge of living in the remote cottage. But looming over her is a family secret that curtailed the summer visits of her youth. She meets up again unexpectedly with her first love, Aidan. He is now married, with a child. They reignite their relationship with terrible consequences.

Can you ever go back and what are the consequences for those close to you?  This is a novel about love, family, secrets and betrayal.

‘Loved this gripping book. Well-written and the characters are very real. What happens when you return to your first love? You’ll enjoy finding out in this page-turning women’s fiction.’ Beth Boyd

out of blue plain smaller


Coming of Age; Joffe Books

This is a gripping novel of intrigue, loss, friendship, love and growing up.

Martina is a teenager struggling to cope with the loss of her father. Her new friendship with wealthy Cecelia Buchanan offers her a lifeline. The older woman opens up a new world of elegance and beauty for Martina and encourages her artistic talents. But Cecelia shares her flat with the handsome Luca, a young man whose motives are not always clear. This is a story about that moment in life when you realise that the adult world is not always what it seems; it explores all the joy and pain of first loss and love.

coming of age (1)



Araby; Harper Collins/Fourth Estate

The bittersweet story of a London-Irish family with an infuriating mother, a mutinous son and a final truce.

Rory Keenan has always found his mother embarrassingly eccentric; Kitty has a huge appetite – for food, for imaginary illnesses and for strange hobbies. The story moves between Rory’s childhood in London and the present, in Ireland. Kitty is dying and Rory, now a grown man, begins to come to terms with his confused feelings for her. Subtle, vivid and down-to-earth, Araby is an outstanding vision of life, love and death.

‘A tenderly funny and genuinely moving piece. I loved it’ – Time Out

‘Funny and beguiling’ – Daily Telegraph

   WIN_20151015_09_58_12_Pro (2)



Marble Heart; Harper Collins/Fourth Estate

Set in London and reflecting events in Belfast in the 1970s, this is a story of female friendship, betrayal and murder in a twisting psychological thriller.

Joan Douglas has a tentative grip on the world. She is a carer, employed to look after Nina Rawle, a sophisticated woman who has been struck by illness. Nina has hidden motives for employing Joan. The story reveals that Nina has a tangled past in Ireland which casts long shadows on the present. How, and more importantly, why Nina is determined to reveal her secret history makes for a tense and complex tale.

‘Marble Heart proves itself to be an excellent lesson in the difference between cleverness and wisdom’ – The Times

‘Mulrooney slows the pace leading to the shocking denouement by deftly layering each chapter with different character’s voices. She shows herself to be an acute observer of all the intricacies that comprise female friendship’ – Time Out

‘Focuses on coming to terms with the consequences of tragedy, truth, immorality and mortality’ – Canberra Times




Fire and Ice; Robert Hale

This is a story of love, loss and the devastating outcome of good intentions gone terribly wrong.

Newly married May is working in a children’s home when she meets Elva,  a fatherless girl whose mother has committed suicide. During an intense London summer, May and her husband Nathan develop a close relationship with the bereaved child and draw her into their family circle. There the girl blossoms but clouds gather on the horizon in the form of Nathan’s ex-wife and tragedy and death ensue.




Out of The Blue; Robert Hale

Liv Callaghan inherits her grandmother’s cottage in Ireland. This unexpected legacy offers her escape from her paralysed marriage to Douglas, an alcoholic. Liv travels to Cork, to the glen where she spent childhood holidays. There she begins to create a tranquil life which is enhanced by the welcome from relatives and the community. Unexpectedly, Liv encounters Aidan, her first love. Twenty years ago he ended their relationship, leaving her in despair. Now he is married, living locally with his family.

The novel traces the course of their brief, intense affair and the impact on those around them. The chaos caused by their passion reveals troubling family secrets and leads to the shattering of their hopes for a joint future.




The Apple of Her Eye; Robert Hale

After her father’s death, thirteen year old Martina is relieved when her grandfather invites her to stay with him for the summer in his caretaker’s flat at a mansion block in London. Martina is captivated by the city and the elegance of her surroundings. She is particularly fascinated by wealthy Cecelia Buchanan, an older woman who shares her flat with Luca, a man in his thirties who has befriended her.

Martina is absorbed into their world, entranced by beautiful possessions and enjoying Cecelia’s praise of her artistic talent. She is also drawn to the handsome Luca and develops a crush on him. As the story unfolds, Martina becomes aware of layers of deception, betrayal and cruelty that lead to crushed hopes and a death.




Walking on Water;

Bernard James has retired and sets out to find his mother, who vanished with his younger sister when he was a child. Through an interlinked set of stories involving neighbours who live in his street, he finds out the startling truth about his mother and makes an unexpected family discovery.




My Own Sweet Way;

 The story of an unlikely friendship, a con woman, a faded film star and the sheer peculiarity of life.

Tara is back in London from Florida, love-lorn and cynical. She meets Lyn Davis, an eccentric woman who rents her a room in her house. Tara finds that Lyn has an extraordinary past based in the film industry and becomes entangled in her new friend’s strange methods of resolving life’s difficulties. They find Lyn’s old love, Liam Conway and his son. Their reunion leads to an odd and accidental settling of old wounds.




Grace’s Flag;

A collection of humorous and bittersweet short stories, some originally commissioned by and broadcast on BBC Radio Four.





A Can of Worms; Poolbeg Press


A Den of Thieves; Poolbeg Press


A Nest of Vipers; Poolbeg Press


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  1. Hello Gretta,
    just to say how very much I am enjoying your detective novels, although for me Araby will always be my favourite book. I reread it often.
    Thank you for the pleasure they give me.



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