You can contact me by leaving a message on my Gretta Mulrooney Facebook/author page.

If you enjoy my books, please do put a review on Amazon or Goodreads.


6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Gretta. I thought you’d like to know of some typos I found in Out of the Blue.
    1. …when you’re your hearts on fire (when your) (heart’s)
    2. …again or a least have a friendship. (at least)
    3. All I knows that you’re Livof-my-life. (the love-of-my-life)?
    4. Yes, Like when we moved here (Yes, like)
    5. She gets up and put the clock in a drawer… (puts)
    6. I don’t want her to feel tom between myself and Maeve. (feel torn)
    7. There’s a silence; they both know that she will be tom whatever is arranged. (be torn)
    8. …whisper in her ear, honestto-goodness (honest to goodness)


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