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17 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Gretta. I thought you’d like to know of some typos I found in Out of the Blue.
    1. …when you’re your hearts on fire (when your) (heart’s)
    2. …again or a least have a friendship. (at least)
    3. All I knows that you’re Livof-my-life. (the love-of-my-life)?
    4. Yes, Like when we moved here (Yes, like)
    5. She gets up and put the clock in a drawer… (puts)
    6. I don’t want her to feel tom between myself and Maeve. (feel torn)
    7. There’s a silence; they both know that she will be tom whatever is arranged. (be torn)
    8. …whisper in her ear, honestto-goodness (honest to goodness)


  2. I noticed that the name of Ruth’s husband changed from books 1 & 2 to book 3 in the Tyrone Swift series. Is there a reason for that?


    1. Hi Deb; yes, this was my error and the editor didn’t spot it. I’ve told the publisher and this will be corrected in future editions. Thanks for the alert and hope you enjoy the books.


  3. Hi Gretta! I’m just now discovering your books. I’m curious to know if you have a newsletter for your readers? I’m not finding one to sign up for. If you do could you possibly send me a link to it? My email is I would greatly appreciate it! I look forward to hearing from you and I’m excited to get started on reading your books! Thanks for your time. Have a great day!


    1. Hi April and thanks for getting in touch. I don’t have a newsletter but I have a Facebook author page where I post news and updates so maybe you’d like to take a look You can also message me through that page. Enjoy the books!

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      1. hi my name is Maria i do not do facebook twitter etc etc i would like to know if there are any new Siv Drummond books i read 2 and really really liked them


  4. hi my name is Maria i do not do facebook twitter etc etc i would like to know if there are any new Siv Drummond books i read 2 and really really liked them


  5. The Swift series made the pandemic experience bearable for the nine days it took me to read through it. Thoroughly enjoyed the books; eagerly awaiting the next one. But what happens/happened about Oliver Sheridan? And what about Joe? I hope resolutions are coming!


    1. Hello and thanks so much for getting in touch. Swift has made Covid more bearable for me too. Oliver Sheridan failed to win his case against Swift in Murder in Pembrokeshire, so good riddance to him. I’m finishing off the next Swift novel now, so should be out later this year. Best wishes, Gretta.


  6. Hi there, I have recently found the series of Ty Swift books and am currently on book 3 (Bound by Lies) I am so confused because Hywel seems to have had a surname change. Have I missed something that would explain this? I am thoroughly enjoying the books though.


    1. Hi and thanks for writing and well spotted. That was a glitch, his name changing from Williams to Taylor and I thought the publisher had corrected it, so will alert them. Glad you’re enjoying Ty. Working on #9 now. All best, Gretta


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