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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Gretta. I thought you’d like to know of some typos I found in Out of the Blue.
    1. …when you’re your hearts on fire (when your) (heart’s)
    2. …again or a least have a friendship. (at least)
    3. All I knows that you’re Livof-my-life. (the love-of-my-life)?
    4. Yes, Like when we moved here (Yes, like)
    5. She gets up and put the clock in a drawer… (puts)
    6. I don’t want her to feel tom between myself and Maeve. (feel torn)
    7. There’s a silence; they both know that she will be tom whatever is arranged. (be torn)
    8. …whisper in her ear, honestto-goodness (honest to goodness)


  2. I noticed that the name of Ruth’s husband changed from books 1 & 2 to book 3 in the Tyrone Swift series. Is there a reason for that?


    1. Hi Deb; yes, this was my error and the editor didn’t spot it. I’ve told the publisher and this will be corrected in future editions. Thanks for the alert and hope you enjoy the books.


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