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Never Came Home

“This is a riveting and gritty police procedural with enough mystery, intrigue and interesting developments to keep you rapidly turning the pages. It is certainly in the same vein as Mulrooney’s other books with writing that just flows beautifully and a plot that is well constructed and thought out. This is a tough case, like most cold cases, as people have short memories making it difficult to gain any accurate detail due to the passage of time but dogged investigator Siv isn’t about to give up now. ” The Book Doctor.

Her Lost Sister

“My first book by author Gretta Mulrooney, a smooth slow burner of a suspense where each reveal of the investigation brought its own subplot. The writing had depth and built up the suspense with a surety. Suspects were many who wanted the sisters dead, the author’s broad strokes showed the deeper links to them. They were quite complex, and I was left guessing.”

“Read almost the entire series. Loved everyone of them. English mysteries are my favorite. Characters are good. They are really puzzles not gory mysteries. This is a great series.”

“5 Stars – Brilliant.”

“A really page-turning book.”

These Little Lies

“The plot was great and kept me guessing all the way through to the end, which was not overly frantic, but a solid piecing together of all the evidence to an ending I did not expect” – The Word is Out

“I seemed to race through this book but that was due in part to the fantastic storylines, the interesting characters and above all to Gretta’s fabulous writing.” – Ginger Book Geek

“The first book in the D.I. Siv Drummond series and what a cracking read. Matis Rimas comes to England for a better life but it’s short lived.  While out fishing he finds a dead woman, takes out his phone,  feels a sharp stabbing pain and knows no more. It’s Monday morning, and Siv sets off for her first day at work with her new partner D.S. Ali Carlin, a man who never stops talking. Both are assigned to work on the murders. Lots of suspects to question to keep you guessing. A great start to a new series that you want to carry on reading, finding out more about all the characters’ lives. An ending that will shock you. This was a great read.” – Booklover Bev.

Your Last Lie

“I had plenty of guesses, all of them wrong so the novel held my attention throughout. The pacing is excellent.” E Tomasso

“I’m a seasoned crime reader, reading up to 500 books per year, and even I didn’t figure out what was going on.” Lou

“A great story, held my interest throughout, well interwoven with Swift’s complex private life. Surprised me at the end. I have just bought the first three books in the series.” BB

Low Lake

‘The book moves along at a steady pace and gains momentum as it progresses. There are many twists and turns along the way as the reader is caught up in the intrigue and suspense towards a real jaw dropping shocker of an ending nobody will see coming.’ BOOKS n ALLWatching You

‘This book is very well written and plotted. It builds suspense immediately. The reader is entranced from the beginning on hearing Thomas’ story.’

‘A thoroughly enjoyable read and extremely well thought out. Had me puzzled as an avid crime reader.’

‘A fascinating read with many twists and turns that keeps you guessing to the end. A must read.’

Two Lovers, Six Deaths

‘I love Swift, he is a very sympathetic character, a good man who is undergoing some private pain and therefore sees the pain in others…Can’t wait for no.4 in the series and would love if it they made a TV series.’ GOODREADS

Blood Secrets

‘It was a gripping thriller and good read till the last page….packed full of suspense…I love it…’ GOODREADS

The Lady Vanished

‘Beautifully written with psychological depth. This is a high-class private detective mystery which you won’t want to put down. There’s drama, conflict, and a family with some very nasty skeletons in the closet’ – Ann Abrams

‘This is a slow burn mystery, well written. Swift is a good character, suitable for people who like PD James. The story is believable and comes together well”

‘Excellent read, couldn’t put the book down. Hoping there will be more work for this new private detective.”


‘Rewarding each successive re-reading with deeper harmonies of emotion’ – The Guardian

‘A pleasure to read, this unsentimental London-Irish novel bristles with uncomfortable moments between mother and son.’ – The Independent

‘Araby is a beautifully written book, a magnificent read.’ – Big Issue

‘A tenderly funny and genuinely moving piece’ – Time Out

‘Short, sharp, beautifully written’ – The Bookseller

Marble Heart

‘A psychological tale echoing Barbara Vine’ -The Bookseller

‘A memorable tale with a shocking denouement’ – Time Out

‘Sharply, wickedly amusing’ -The Times

‘Mulrooney’s novel features characters who are so strong and language so vivid that readers will be riveted to her storytelling’ – Publisher’s Weekly

Out of the Blue

‘Loved this gripping book. Well-written and the characters are very real. What happens when you return to your first love? You’ll enjoy finding out in this page-turning women’s fiction.’ – Beth Boyd

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